Blogging in 2014

What you should know about me… I’m a Pinterest Addict! That distinction carries with it both positive and negative connotations.  Yes, I spend way too much time online whether it be on my home computer or on my smart phone.  I am forever searching and reading; typing and editing.  Pinterest has made it possible for me to locate and follow a large variety of fabulous blogs all over the web! It’s thrilling to read a post and find yourself in someone else’s words.  I feel like I’m making a connection in a sense, just by commenting on a post.  That being said, I decided I wanted to try my hand at reaching out in 2014.  I wanted to put a little of myself out there and lend my voice to issues I hold dear.

So onto my introduction.  Aside from the self-confessed social media addiction, I am a wife and a mom struggling to find balance in a world fraught with obstacles and demands.  I have been married for almost five years.  I have a 15-year-old daughter whose daily struggles have prompted me to reach out to other mom’s for suggestions and guidance.  I’m in the job search market and have been for almost two years.  That, in and of itself, is debilitating at times.  I’m also looking for ways to make homemaking a priority but also make it less daunting at the same time.  When I do find work I will still need to find the time to make my house a home.

I struggle with depression and anxiety as well as with Type 1 Diabetes and a host of other medical complications.  I struggle to find time, indeed, sometimes I struggle with just wanting to make time.  There is a host of addiction issues in my past that I am trying to cope with “One Day at a Time.”

I am looking for that relationship with God that seems to be so prevalent and comforting with people whose blogs I follow.  I know that this is where my energy needs to be focused first and foremost if I am to find resolution in any of these other areas.  Routines needs to be developed. Examples need to be followed.  I figure the blogging platform may be my best at reaching out and seeking community.  I would love to see myself grow as a result of this endeavor.

I know that there are relationships to be formed and answers to be found. Community is where I believe it will start.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to this blogging adventure and what I may become.


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