NaPoWriMo Day 2

As I get into the swing of NaPoWriMo I am using the NaPoWriMo site for some inspiration. Day 1’s prompt reads like this… Using Reb Livingston’s Bibliomanacy Oracle, clear your mind, push the button, and write a poem inspired by your reading.

My Reading
From Prayer to Ruth Stone by Kelly Cockerbam
“This scum, cursing the stock
Age isn’t mellowing the greed
Only making it pant”

My Poem


The Man From the Corner

There was a gentleman standing on the corner
Perhaps 50 or so
A void in his eyes
A scowl that looked to have been set for years
I could tell by the tiny lines around his lips
Standing beside him I set my coffee down to open my umbrella
I noticed his knuckles
Red and scabbed, swollen
“Shit,” he mumbled under his breath
And he hastily boarded the #9
Friday morning on my way to the office
I noticed the morning paper
There he is again
Front page… “Greed kills the C.E.O.”
A man takes his own life
The mighty dollar kills the man from the corner


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