NaPoWriMo Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 4 – Write a lune. From NaPoWriMo site.

She knows secrets
She hides them in boxes
And boxes burst.

Day 5 – Poetry exercise – Making Metaphors from Stacie Naczelnik’s Hubpages.

The dilapidated castle of superstition.
The feral cat of despair.
The pale sister of courage.
The beguiling lover of fury.
The abandoned den of anxiety.
The flowering perfume of hope.
The dense marsh of fear.

Day 6 – Look out the window. From NaPoWriMo site.

The Window


In a sense I’m looking out my window
But in truth I’m gazing upon a large white cat
With two large brown spots and a brown tail
She is gazing at the light wave of the breeze flowing through the gauze curtains
She is pondering the small birds pecking at fallen bird seed
She is contemplating flight and it’s implications
She is pure majesty behind the curtains
She is pure delight and love
And so I really don’t mind not being able to see out my window on a fanciful spring evening.


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