This Blog is Taking A Bookish Turn

So I’ve started another book challenge.  As a self-confessed bookworm I’m finding immense pleasure in participating in the various book challenges I come across on Tumblr.

My newest endeavor is the treesofreverie read-a-thon. As much reading as I can pack in between now and July, book giveaways, and questionares. It’s just loads of fun for this book-loving girl.

And here’s what I’ve been reading…


This one was my “reread a favorite” challenge. This is the most lovely story!


Still reading Villette. Part of my “read a classic” and “reading outside” challenge. Spent a little a little time reading this one by a creek in Long Level yesterday. Bliss!


I just love the title! Kissing in Manhattan. I’m going to try to do a review of this one on my Goodreads account within the next week. This was the “read a book by an author you’ve never heard of” and “read a book in one day” challenge.


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