The Perfect Reading Experience

Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Questions

6.  Describe your perfect reading experience.


I can actually vividly recall my most perfect reading experience to date. My family owns a cabin in the mountains of Potter County, PA. Arriving by myself for a night in January about 2 years ago the first things I did were to start the coffee, start the fire, get my blankets out of the chest and unpack. Flannel pajamas and alpaca socks are all I know in the winter time. There literally isn’t a sound down our long dirt road in the dead of night. It freaks me out a little sometimes! But Debussy helps with that. So with Claude, the blankets piled on, another perfect cup of French Press and the fire roaring I settled in for the rest of The Hobbit. Probably reading for about the 7th time by then! And then after finishing the book I finished knitting some farm animals for my nephews. I tend to switch up knitting and reading in the winter. A few pages, a few rows and on and on.  So that was my winter evening of bliss!


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