Thoughts on Book Reviews and Criticism

Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Questions

7. Thoughts on negative comments and reviews on books. Does it make a difference if they involve constructive criticism or feedback?


Ah, reviews… you know I really don’t involve myself in them. There are some book blogs/vlogs that I follow and mostly I like to hear people talk passionately about books and reading. I don’t follow so much for their opinions of the books. I know what I like to read. I know what makes me get attached to characters and plots. If those qualities are present in a book, what anyone else has to say about the book really doesn’t concern me. I read so many different genres, so many different authors. There are so many different books that are a part of me and I wonder if I would ever have picked them up if I paid attention to the myriad of negativity surrounding them. I try to instill this in my daughter as well and happily, I think she’s following in my footsteps. I’m a writer as well as a reader so I know how stifling and disheartening bad reviews and negatvity can be. I read something because it intrigues me, not because someone else says it’s worth the read. Think about it… any book you might pick up was worth writing to the person who wrote it.


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