Bout of Books 12 – Dysfunctional Family Challenge from Auggietalk.

How fun is this Bout of Books Challenge from Auggietalk?!

Creating my own dysfunctional family from characters in books I’ve read.

My Characters:

The Mom – Aurora Greenway from Terms of Endearment

The Oldest Child – Pat Peoples from Silver Linings Playbook

Middle Child – Susanna Kaysen from Girl Interrupted

The Baby – Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter

I have a special fondness for each of the characters I’ve chosen and could probably create an entire series of novels out of this familys antics! Indeed it is a dramatic, flamboyant and overly quirky family. The narcissistic anxiety ridden mom who strives to control each child’s every thought and action. The oldest, the only boy in a family full of dysfunctional women; impulsive, depressed and slightly criminal. The middle daughter, depressed and mysterious; and struggling to be “normal”. The baby, the youngest daughter, quirky and flighty and living in a world of her own trying to escape her reality.
I feel like I should begin this fan-fiction series immediately! Ideas are just whirling through my mind and I’m frantically scribbling notes in my notebook!
What a fun challenge!


4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 12 – Dysfunctional Family Challenge from Auggietalk.

  1. Great family! Definitely a load of drama. Like a soap opera. Think you SHOULD write a fan-fic about them. If you do please please let me know so I can read it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks for participating!

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