(Totally Tickled – Top Ten) on Tuesdays

I’ve decided start my own weekly meme to detail my favorite things over the previous 7 days. I’ve seen versions of this all over the blogosphere and love the idea of keeping all of my discoveries in a single place to come back to and peruse at my leisure. The meme is certain to provide personal inspiration and hopefully it will provide inspiration to others as well!

1. Snapseed. First on my list for this week is my newest photo app addition, Snapseed. Most photography apps says basically the same thing in their descriptions… “This is the only photo app you’ll ever need.” In truth, I normally keep two or three photo apps on my
phone… Until Now!! Snapseed is, indeed the only photo app I need on my phone! Freeing up space (Yay!) and all of my favorite options for editing photos (i.e. blur, focal and light leak) are here! Totally Tickled!


2. Stitcher. App surfing this past week and I found 2 great ones! So, yes, admittedly I am a public radio junkie! Indeed my car radio has been tuned to my local public radio station for as long as I can remember. I am loathe to miss an episode of All Things Considered or Prairie Home Companion. And now there’s Stitcher for my phone and my tablet! On Being with Krista Tippet and Fresh Air on demand! I’m giddy! The Nerdist is fabulous too!


3. Emily Kinney. I’m a big fan of this lady! Of course, it stems from her role as Beth Green on The Walking Dead. Actually watching an actress grow from season to season is quite inspiring and she came a long way! Then there’s her music! Oh, her music! Love her voice! Love her instrumentation! Love her style. She’s like a local girl who plays in your hometown café every Friday and I’m so hoping to see her live sometime! I’ve probably seen every interview she’s ever done (cried along with her after Beth’s death in season 5). She’s got that “girl next door” appeal that just makes you wish you could be her friend and drink coffee with her for hours on end. Yep, I love this lady!



4. My Life As A Teacup/Noveltea Book Club. I absolutely adore Kristin and her blog! She just has one of those blogs that incorporate all the things you love and all the things you want to know about into one place. She has a super-sweet personality, a wonderful writing style and a seemingly endless wealth of knowledge to pass along. She’s a fellow bibliophile and I’m thrilled to have found her Noveltea book club to help me along in my 2015 reading challenges. And guess what? She’s from Pittsburgh where my beloved grandparents are from and where I spent numerous summers during my childhood and teenage years. Whether browsing her blog or her YouTube challenge you’re in for a treat!

5. An Evening With Neil and Amanda. Ok… my favorite two people ever… my favorite couple ever! Sadly, I was unable to attend “An Evening” live so I’ve had to make-do with my audio copy, and make-do I have! When I’m not listening to NPR during my travels, I’m listening to this CD. Can’t get enough of their voices and their twisted fairy-tale relationship!
A quote from Neil about his writing career: “You know, I think I was actually better when I wasn’t as good. Because when I wasn’t as good and obviously completely terrified, you get the entire 2,000 people just rooting for me.”
This is “one of my favorite things”!

6. Garments for Dogs. My little min-pin, James, is always one of my favorite things! And he is just too cute for words in his new sweaters. Everytime I see him scampering through the house or tearing across the backyard in one of them my heart smiles!

7. TheGirlsWithGlasses YouTube Channel.
Brooke White (singer/songwriter and American Idol Alum) and Summer Bellessa (model and editor of ELIZA Magazine) own this channel and they own two quirky and stylish personalities! Love the diversity of their content and I’ve done more than a little note-taking and linking with their different posts. They’re great for just about anything and always entertaining! Hit the subscribe button! Can’t recommend them enough!

8. Joan Didion for Celine. Joan is on my “top five” favorite author’s list. In my opinion, she’s a gem in the literary world. Her voice is transfixing and her words resonate on so many levels. My favorite book is Blue Nights. I’m currently working on my own review detailing the poignancy of this work. She speaks to me on every level; emotional and intellectual and feminine. I’m also a huge fan of her movie Panic in Needle Park. Celine has chosen an icon and they’ve chosen well!
Guardian Article.

9. Lectio Divina from HOMWF. My new method for scripture study. This method is truly the best I have found for my personal devotion time and I’m so blessed to have found Heart Of Mary and Legroom Divina as I begin my New Year devotional resolution.

The process as outlined at Heart of Mary:
Lectio divina means “divine reading” or “sacred reading.” It is an ancient, Christian art that consists of a slow, contemplative reading of Scripture, enabling the Word of God to become a means of uniting ourselves with God. Before diving into this form of prayer, it’s important to understand the basic foundation upon which it was built.

As humans, and especially in our current culture, we tend to be very busy and goal-driven. The noise of media, productivity, and checklists constantly demand our attention and attempt to rob us of a true and deep inner peace, often quite successfully. The practice of lectio divina is not intended to be another item that we check off our Catholic spiritual to-do list; rather, it is a means of reorienting our very selves and minds towards God, opening our hearts to a two-way communication with Him, reestablishing a sense of peace and silence, and fostering a deeper personal relationship with Him.

The four steps of lectio divina are:


These steps are not designed to have specific limitations, such as using only certain scripture verses or doing each step for a certain amount of time. Before beginning, it will be more fruitful if you take a few moments to place yourself in the presence of God, to ask for the aid of the Holy Spirit, and to follow the order of these steps while still allowing yourself to move freely between them, according to any quiet inspirations.

10. Marcus Mumford – When I Get My Hands On You – New Basement Tapes. My copy was pre-ordered and mailed on it’s release date. It arrived the next day and I had a VERY HAPPY DAY!! I feel like all I have to say is Marcus Mumford and that will say it all. Yep, I’m the fan-girl extraordinaire!

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