TreesofReverie Read-A-Thon Day 3

Happy Australia Day Sarah and all of Australia!  Day 3 Bookish Challenge – Australian Authors (A Wish List of Books) Treesofreverie My favorite… Kate Morton, Kate Morton and Kate Morton! Did I mention Kate Morton?? I am absolutely in love with The Forgotten Garden, my first Kate Morton novel. The storytelling powers of this lovely […]

Treesofreverie Read-a-Thon Day 2

72 Hour Read-a-Thon Bookish Challenge and Progress Update Pick A book you would like to see made into a film: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I have read The Witching Hour three times and every time I read it I insert actors and actresses I love into the roles.  I have envisioned this movie […]

A Series of Unfortunate Events Read-a-long On Tumblr I’m a little late in joining this read-a-long, only recently came across it while scrolling through Tumblr. Lemony Snicket has forever been one of my favorites, the Boudelaire children favorite characters! Thinking of getting Katie involved as part of home school curriculum. I’m joining the read-a-long at Book 5, The Austere Academy, but will […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/16 – 6/21

Tada! Here is last weeks collection of book photo challenges! Tee’s Book Challenge. 6/16 – A book you were asked to read for school. I read The Decameron for my freshman history class. An engrossing read. I now own several copies. Books and Cupcakes Challenge. 6/16 – Book Stack. And here is one of the […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/13 – 6/15

A Word A Book 6/13 Bloody I am a true crime junkie! Stranger Beside Me – Anne Rule Tee’s Book Challenge 6/13 A book that you would grab in case of a fire. My bible, of course! Books and Cupcakes Challenge 6/13 In the Shadows Keeping The Moon Shadows in the moonlight. A Word A […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/11 & 6/12

A Word A Book Challenge 6/11 Popcorn Book to movie, and we always need popcorn with a good movie. The Age of Innocence is my all time favorite movie adaptation. Books & Cupcakes Challenge 6/11 Time Period There are so many time periods in The Witching Hour and Anne Rice’s descriptive powers drew me in […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/10

A Book A Word Photo Challenge Cupcakes If you know the Stephanie Plum series, you know why. Joe often refers to Stephanie as cupcake. Tee’s Book Challenge Favorite Second Hand Book Got this book from my mom. Such a powerful, powerful story! Books and Cupcakes Photo Challenge Currently Reading Loving this story. And loving the […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/9

Books and Cupcakes Challenge Sunshine When I think of books and sunshine I think of Virgin Suicides and Lux’s hair in the sunshine. That has something to do with Kirsten Dunst and the movie too I think. Tee’s Book Challenge Book you have more than one copy of. Wuthering Heights! I can’t tell you how […]

Bookworm… Book Photo Challenges

So, one of the attributes that defines me is my love of books and reading. To say I am an avid reader would be a gross understatement! I live to read and read to live. And there is no truer statement that I can utter. Recently, I’ve started following a number of “book bloggers” on […]