(Totally Tickled – Top Ten) on Tuesdays

I’ve decided start my own weekly meme to detail my favorite things over the previous 7 days. I’ve seen versions of this all over the blogosphere and love the idea of keeping all of my discoveries in a single place to come back to and peruse at my leisure. The meme is certain to provide […]

Book Photo Challenges 6/16 – 6/21

Tada! Here is last weeks collection of book photo challenges! Tee’s Book Challenge. 6/16 – A book you were asked to read for school. I read The Decameron for my freshman history class. An engrossing read. I now own several copies. Books and Cupcakes Challenge. 6/16 – Book Stack. And here is one of the […]

My Bookish Dinner Party

Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Questions Which 5 authors (alive or dead) would you invite to a dinner party? Why? Who do you think would get along? Why? So obviously Neil Gaiman and it would be just super if he could bring his wife. Why? Because they are bar-none my favorite couple on earth. And I’d really love […]

A Book Inspired Holiday

Treesofreverie Read-A-Thon Question 3. What is your ultimate book inspired holiday? What would you do and who would you take with you? What/who was the particular book or author who inspired this? This one is easy! London, England. Inspired by Neil Gaiman and Neverwhere. Obviously I will not be traveling underground with Door and havi […]